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Thread: Should I scald my milk?

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    Default Should I scald my milk?


    I work full time and pump to send breastmilk for my 9 month old son. He has always taken the milk without any problem, though I know it does taste soapy after being stored. Now that he is eating solids, he is taking less milk and I wonder if it is because of the taste or he just needs less.

    He started daycare at 3 months old and took 3 4-oz bottles.

    At 4 months I started sending him 3-5 oz bottles (at the request of the daycare), and he drank those.

    At 5 months, we starting feeding him solids at home when he started showing signs of being ready, such as sitting up without support.

    At 6 months, I started sending him container of baby food for lunch. He still took three 5 oz bottles.

    At 7 months, we started sending him breakfast as well (he would eat about half). And would still eat most of his bottles on most days.

    He is 9 months now and loves food. He eats 1-stage 2 container (usually oatmeal with fruit) for breakfast, 1-stage 2 fruit or vegetable for lunch, and 1-stage 3 jar for dinner along with some finger foods. I send him three 4 to 5 oz bottles. Some days he drinks all of it. Some days he drinks less than 10 oz.

    In addition to the three bottles, he nurses once before I go work, twice before he goes to bed, and two times during the night.

    Should I try scalding the milk to see if he takes it better? Or is it better not to the that (scalding will kill some of the good stuff, right?), since he will drink it?

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    Default Re: Should I scald my milk?

    Maybe have your DCP try offering the bottle before she gives the solids? Honestly, it sounds like your LO is probably getting plenty of milk- he's nursing 5 times a day and taking around 10 oz of milk at daycare... That sounds good to me. But if you want to scald, you could certainly try it and see if it encourages him to drink more!

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