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Thread: Help w/ bedtime and pumping

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    Default Help w/ bedtime and pumping

    We are just trying to start an 8:30 bedtime w/ our 6 week old. Previously I was feeding him at 8, then again around 10 and then going to bed and letting him wake me to be fed again which was typically around 1-2am. He has been sleeping 3-4 hour stretches.

    Now w/ putting him down at 8:30 and letting him wake to be fed should I pump before I go to bed around 10 or just wait until whenever he wakes and feed him.

    And what happens as he starts sleeping longer and through the night. Do I need to wake at some point to pump or am I ok to sleep through the night too?

    I should add Im exclusive BFing and pumping for stash.
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    Well that depends on why you're pumping. How much stash do you have and what will it be used for? If it's just for occasional use then *I* wouldn't bother pumping after having a couple bottles in the freezer.
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