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Thread: My right boob is getting worse (milk production issue)

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    Default My right boob is getting worse (milk production issue)

    I know it's normal to have one side that produces more than the other. For me that's been my left.

    But my right side, while it's always produced way less, is getting worse and worse. I know you can't use pumping as a good predictor of output but I'll use my pumping numbers just to demonstrate my point.

    Since I started pumping a few weeks ago, if I pump after a feeding, I used to get a little under an ounce on the left and about a quarter of an ounce on the right. If I pumped in lieu of a feeding, I consistently would get 2 oz left, 1 oz right.

    Recently, the left side has continued to produce as before when pumping but now the right boob gives me not even enough to coat the bottom of the bottle with milk...it's like...maybe a tenth of an ounce if even. It slowly got worse to this point and I'm afraid that soon I won't be getting anything at all.

    Baby fusses a lot on the right side...probably b/c there's not a lot of milk coming. I pump twice/day after nursing sessions in an attempt to increase that supply on the right but it's getting worse, not better.

    I read on kellymom that I should nurse from the right side first every time for a couple of days b/c baby nurses more vigorously on first breast BUT I have a milk blister on the left breast I'm trying to treat and I'm supposed to nurse first on THAT breast for the same reason.

    I'm trying not to stress about the whole right side thing but it worries me that it appears to be getting worse and there must be a solution I'm not seeing. I will continue to pump (even though hardly anything comes out) and when my blister is healed I will try to nurse more on the right side but other than that...I'm lost.

    I have tried Fenugreek but I think it upsets my baby's tummy when I take it so I have stopped using it. I'm not entirely sure it was all that helpful anyway.



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    Default Re: My right boob is getting worse (milk production issue)

    I can commiserate. My right is also producing much less than the left. I've been starting each feeding on that side for a few days and it has improved, although not by much. Mother's Milk tea also seems to help with overall production but it contains fenugreek.

    Have you seen this link?

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    Default Re: My right boob is getting worse (milk production issue)

    Yes, I have looked at the kellymom link. I'm doing those things already with the pumping and the starting the baby on the right side. Glad to hear that's helping you some. I'm hoping that when I do it more consistently once this milk blister is gone it will help me too.

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