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    Hi all,

    Evynn was 6 lb 5 oz at birth, now she is 6 lb 8 oz at 2 wks of age. i know this is "okay" but I was aiming for "great" so I'm trying to up my supply with my hand pump. I read about pumping on one boob while feeding on the other. So I tried that and had a good result. However, isn't this stealing milk from the baby??? And how many days do I need to do this? At every nursing?? It's hard to coordinate, especially when her two older brothers look forward to cuddling with Mommy when I sit to feed the baby. Both hands are occupied.

    I've also tried pumping after the feedings but got just a few drops. I've never had a good pump supply in the past but I've also never pumped while nursing before.


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    Hi mama, well if this is h route you want to go, you are doing the 2 ways to do it. Your breasts are never truly empty so you are not stealing milk from baby, what you're doing is signaling your body to produce more milk. Your pumping output is totally normal for after a feeding, it's how myself and many moms build a freezer stash and it's super tedious!

    My advice at this point is to stop stressing, baby is getting from you exactly what they need, relax put the pump down, nurse on demand and enjoy this time with your new baby and older kids.
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    I wanted to build a freezer stash so I used a hand pump while nursing once a day for the first 2 months after my daughter was born. I was able to get 5-6 oz at a time from one side and I now have a big stash for when I need a night out, etc. I never had an issue with my LO not getting enough to eat. I thought once a day was a good amount and I didn't feel tied down by the pumping.

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