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    I have just been diagnosed with mastitis. My baby is one month old. I have been pumping because my baby chews more than he sucks. Since the mastitis I have been having very liitle production from the infected breast. The doctors have told me to pump as often as possible to help clear the infection out. I am concered that with such little production (.5oz where the other side is 3-4oz) it will not clear up or will not increase production as my baby needs it. At this point I am needing to supliment with formula regularly to keep up with his needs.
    How can I get this flowing? Will it just do it on its own or should I be doing something to help?

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    Do you feel a lump in your breast...like a plugged duct? Let warm water run on it in the shower and massage often. Let your baby nurse from the affected breast first before switching to the other one. Try to take it easy too. Hope you feel better soon!
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    How are things going now, mama?

    This link on pumping may be useful to you: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/p..._decrease.html

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