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Thread: Blood in baby's stool

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    Question Blood in baby's stool

    I have noticed blood in my 17 wo DS's stool 4-5 times in the past couple of weeks. It has been a small amount of red blood in his normal loose stool 3-4 times now and a larger amount one time (the stool had multiple spots of the same kind of blood). He's been EBF and is a big, healthy baby (98th %tile across the board). He has generally been feeding from one breast at a time by his own initiative (he won't take the other side when offered) except for during a growth spurt. I think he's in the midst of a small growth spurt right now as he's been feeding on both sides for a couple of days. I have questioned whether I might have a bit of oversupply (fill bottles when pumping, comfort nursing rare, spits upbalot) but he seems fine overall so I haven't changed anything. My diet is stable. I eat a fair amount of dairy (yogurt daily and cheese almost daily) but that hasn't changed recently. Any experience with this? We will see the MD on Weds. and I'm afraid I will be told to change my diet or stop BF.

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    This should help you out. There is a lot of info on this thread.
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    Great. Thank you!

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    Just a FWIW, we were giving DD the Vitamin D drops with Iron, and it was causing her bloody stools.
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