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Thread: Newborn wrestles with me at feeding time.

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    Default Newborn wrestles with me at feeding time.

    My son is 4 weeks old. He has about 6 or 7 wet diapers a day and 1 0r two dirty. My problem is that he fights me every time i put him to breast. He'll move his arms wildly and push himself off the breast when I can manage to get him latched on. It takes me at least 15 minutes to get him latched on. And by that time, we are both so frustrated. How do i get him to relax without having to swaddle him for every meal?

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    Default Re: Newborn wrestles with me at feeding time.

    If you swaddle him, does he relax? If so, I'd just continue to swaddle for a while longer. He'll outgrow the need for it eventually.

    A couple other things you can try:
    - Get to the baby earlier. Crying is a late indicator of hunger, and once a baby is into that panicked crying mode, he's more likely to thrash around.
    - If the baby is trying to latch but can't stay still long enough, try offering your pinky finger for him to suck on. Nail held down towards the tongue, instead of up facing the delicate tissue of the palate. This may calm him long enough to get him to latch.
    - Instant reward. Try expressing a few drops of milk onto the nipple. If the baby gets an immediate taste of milk, he may make the connection that staying latched onto the nice-tasting stuff means getting more nice-tasting stuff!
    - If you are offering bottles or pacis, consider shelving them for a while. They can interfere with a baby's latch and also cause a preference for the ease of bottle-feeding, leading to the baby rejecting the breast.

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    Default Re: Newborn wrestles with me at feeding time.

    I agree with pp

    I found that getting them when they are just waking up from a nap (look for those early hunger signs) is the easiest. If my LO is fired up, the feeding is aggressive and she usually isn't satisfied. If she's wiggly, I will try to calm her down before I put her on the breast.

    Don't wait to feed until they are crying, you gotta catch it early - it will be better for the both of you. If this isn't the case, maybe try the pinky finger like pp said or, maybe even try a new position - like the side lying one, it might be calming. I have OALD, so my LO gets milk pretty much right away - if the wrestling is due to frustration in waiting for your milk, try expressing until you get a LD then put your baby on. My milk leaks out at the very thought of a feeding, I guess it's good for her, but messy for mommy!

    Good luck!

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