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Thread: Foremilk/Hindmilk Suggestions Needed

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    My 6 week old was having green poop and I figured out it was too much foremilk. I nurse always from 1 breast per feeding. But he just wasnt emptying the breast since he wasnt eating long enough. So I block fed him on the same breast for 2-3 feedings and manually expressed the other if it became too engorged but just enough to stop the pain. I did that for 2 days his diapers went back to yellow so I went back to just feeding 1 breast per feeding. Problem is he isnt eating long enough to empty the breast. He falls asleep and is finished. And he is now occasionally having green poop again. I know it says if he wants to eat again within the next 2-3 hours offer him the same breast that way it gets emptied and he gets the hindmilk. But he sleeps for 2-3 hours. So if I offer him the same breast for the next feeding my other breast is going approx. 4-6 hours w/o feeding on. What should I do? Would like to come up w/ a long term solution not just on and off block feeding every time he has green poop.

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    I had this same problem @ about the same time as you with my LO. I was block feeding as you descibe, and pumping when i needed. My suggestion would be to pump a small about to help get your LO started and to pull some of the formilk out before LO gets started nursing. I thought my oversupply was cleared up but my LO was still having fussy feedings. I went back to block feeding and it worked great. If your babes starts nodding odd before getting through a feeding move him around before he gets a chance to fall asleep. Breast compressions also help "losen" up the hindmilk in the ducts delivering it a little quicker to your LO.
    hope this helps. It doesnt sound like you would, but don't give up.

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    It sounds like the root cause of the issues you're having is likely to be oversupply. In my experience, managing OS is something that takes a while. And it's normal to experience setbacks as you work to fix it. If you're seeing consistently green poops, you go back to block feeding until you see consistently yellow ones again. (The odd green or yellow poop doesn't signify much- what you're looking for is a pattern.)

    Just be patient and keep at it. Eventually your supply will even out and you won't need to block feed anymore. But at 6 weeks you still may have some ways to go.

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