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Thread: Nursing while working

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    Default Nursing while working

    I work for my family construction company. My Dad and I are the only ones in the office @ this time. I went back to work when my LO was about 6weeks old. I exclusively BF all the time. (occasionaly LO stays home with DH, in which case he gets frozen BM) I started feeding LO @ my desk with a cover...LO does not care for the cover and tends to fuss for most of the feeding with it on. (makes me feel akward that he screams while nursing) Now i have moved to the empty office/baby room. He prefers it "all out in the open" if you know what i mean.
    I think this has given me somewhat of a phobia to nurse in public now. I nurse in a bedroom @ my in-laws and dread nursing in true public. Nursing in my car doesnt count. How do i not feel akward about nursing him @ work with my Dad in the office.
    What are some other ways to nurse without the cover? Other than just whipping out my breast.
    Also, what do you do when you are nursing and your baby just starts screaming @ you...
    LO and I do pretty well, but we dont have all the kinks out just yet. I thought by now, 3 months this would be a breeze. I see why ppl have 6month goals.
    Any help/support is appriciated!!

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    Default Re: Nursing while working

    Can you use a cover to latch on, and then get rid of it until he's done? Or even wearing a loose sweater, a jacket, or using a light burp rag to cover up while he's latching on. thats really the only time anything is exposed. or if you become proficient about walking around while he's nursing, you can turn to a wall (or at family/friends house go to a quiet room) to latch on. then for while he's nursing, return to visit.

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    Default Re: Nursing while working

    I always dressed for nursing. Wear 2 shirts- a camisole and a button up works really well, but anything works as long as you can pull one up and one down. I also took some of those men's undershirts and cut vertical slits over the boobs and wore them under other shirts so I could pull my over shirt up and not reveal anything other than just enough boob to nurse.

    You might also try practicing in front of a mirror. It helps build confidence and I bet you'll be surprised at how little you can actually see.

    Another option is to wear baby in a sling or carrier and nurse while he is in there. It's really hard to see what's going on unless you're looking too hard (which I doubt your dad will be).
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    Default Re: Nursing while working

    I've found that a loose tee shirt and maybe a jacket can really work well. My DD will push anything that covers her face away as well. I've been wrapping something so it 'blocks the view' from the side, but not the top. Then once she's latched, I pull my tee shirt down to cover the part of my breast not in her mouth and keep the flannel draped around the side. (I'm from Seattle, flannels are standard around here! )

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    Default Re: Nursing while working

    It's wonderful to be able to nurse at work, what a blessing! I also have that ability.
    I've learned to be completely (ok almost) confident using the two shirt method to nip. (still working on hubby tho). I've turned to the wall, started in the bathroom, etc. but by the time anyone who's actually looking can see again, there's just baby and a shirt falling around his face. (maybe some side view but you'd have to stare to tell and who gains anything from discovering those stretch marks?? serves them right!!) I usually have a blanket or light burp cloth in case he's fussy and wants to pull off a lot.

    I think especially since it's your dad, he would be ok with just not looking. You could even just say something (like, baby's hungry) so he knows to not actually look your way for a coupls mins...whether you decide to turn around or not.
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    The two shirts option works great-- an overshirt to pull up, and a camisole which you pull down to expose he breast. Then you won't really have any skin showing.

    Also, I find that a little cardigan-sytle sweater (short sleeved even works) works well as the overshirt... put the sweater through your arms backwards after you latch the baby on and you can cover up a bit (he still might fuss at the sweater, but it's a lot less fabric than the nursing over.

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    Default Re: Nursing while working

    two shirts is great, otherwise I use a burp cloth (like a prefold) and basically put it over my shoulder on the side he;s nursing. this covers any top boob showing and leaves baby in the open and isnt at all obvious.
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