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Thread: Having issues - need suggestions from experienced moms

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    Default Having issues - need suggestions from experienced moms

    My son is now 4 weeks old. At around 2 weeks, he started spitting up A LOT (like 3-4 times after each feeding), then he would become fussy and inconsolable (like he was in pain). I suspected a few things (like reflux) but his pediatrician blew me off like I was an overly paranoid ftm. I have since changed a few things and they seem to be helping. First, I have cut dairy from my diet. Second, I have started feeding him more frequently (around every 2 hours instead of around every 3 hours like before), but I am only offering one side to limit the amount he gets at each feeding (the spitting up seemed worse when he ate a lot). And last, I keep him upright for about 30 minutes after each feeding. Like I said, these changes seem to be helping a bit with his spitting up and fussiness.

    Now I am concerned that he is not getting enough to eat, though. He still has lots of wet/dirty diapers every day, but I feel like now he wants to eat close to every 1 hour instead of every 2 hours. Could it be a growth spurt? He's now 4.5 weeks old, and this has been going on for a week - I thought growth spurts were at like 3 weeks and only lasted a few days. Also, if there are any other moms out there that have dealt with reflux or dairy intollerance issues and have any other suggestions for me, I would appreciate the advice. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Having issues - need suggestions from experienced moms

    at 4 weeks your baby NEEDS to eat frequently, and wanting to nurse every hour sounds about right. He can be going thru a growth spurt as well. If you can get a sling or a wrap then you can wear baby and let him nurse as often as he wants during the day and not feel tied down.

    have you attended any LLL meetings? You can get lots of help there too! Good luck
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    Default Re: Having issues - need suggestions from experienced moms

    The desire to nurse often is very normal. Maybe try laying down to nurse so you can rest?


    The link above may be very helpful to you.

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    Default Re: Having issues - need suggestions from experienced moms

    Something that helped me generally speaking - I stopped paying attention to the time and just nursed when my DD wanted it. Maybe it was every hour, maybe every 2 or 3. If they have enough wet/dirty diapers and gaining weight, know that they are getting enough and just go with the flow. Less stress for mom and baby right? I think you are describing behavior that can be considered normal for this age.

    It sounds like you are doing all the right things with regards to the spit up.

    Honestly - if the Dr. is blowing off a concerned mommy I would be concerned about them! Who knows your baby better than you do? GERD can happen in babies, and from what you described, it sounds like it's a possibility. I would keep pressing the issue or get a second opinion.

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    Default Re: Having issues - need suggestions from experienced moms

    I never timed nursing. I nursed CONSTANTLY. At least every hour at that age. Now at 7 months we might go every 2 hours. If they cry I feed.
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    Default Re: Having issues - need suggestions from experienced moms

    Yes, as long as wets/dirties are okay and baby is gaining weight, you are doing fine.
    However, you said you were concerned that baby might not be getting enough milk, and I wanted to mention that block feeding (only one side per feeding) CAN reduce your supply. I would at least offer the second breast and let baby decide whether or not he wants it.
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