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Thread: Plugged ducts/Pump Weaning/DD taking in less milk?

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    Default Plugged ducts/Pump Weaning/DD taking in less milk?

    Hello, I'm posting here, because it seems more fitting for my questions.

    I have the second (bad) plugged duct in less than a month now. I was trying to make plans to pump wean at work when I got the first one, so I stopped that, resumed normal (if not extra pumping) to get rid of the clog. I also wore an underwire bra the two days before the first clog, so it's hard to say which is to blame exactly.

    I had about a week of normalcy and was going to try to cut down on pumping again this week. But I got the second plug last night.

    Both times the plugs have appeared on a Sunday night after having nursed all weekend rather than pumping at work. I've read the Kellymom advice and went to get some lecithin today.

    I pump about 10 oz daily at work. DD still takes all 10 oz no problem at DCP in addition to some solids. I do not try to limit DD on nursing during the weekends. In fact, I offer it a lot, and she takes me up on it.

    Given the timing of these ducts, is it possible that she's not eating as much on the weekends as I pump at work?

    The clog was hot, huge and lumpy last night. DD managed to suck it out ( you, baby girl). I still have a bleb now on that nipple, but it appears that milk is coming out of that pore.

    I feel really tired and run down today. I almost feel a little achy too with an ugly headache. I'm pounding water. I don't have a fever. Is it possible that I could have subclinical mastisis, like Kellymom says? What would I do for this? GSE???

    My current OB (I am changing providers) isn't exactly BF supportive. She would never give me abx without good reason. I'd be surprised if she gave them to me WITH good reason. Plus, it doesn't seem like I should just randomly pop abx.

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    Default Re: Plugged ducts/Pump Weaning/DD taking in less milk?

    A bad plugged duct can definitely cause those symptoms. Rest and keeping the breast as drained as possible can really turn things around. I wonder about a couple of things. Are you maybe overdoing things on the weekends and getting run down? That can sometimes cause problems. I'm also wondering if maybe you have a duct or two that drains better with the pump than with nursing. As we nurse for months, some of the areas of the breast make more milk than others b/c of the way or lo's nurse. With pumping, I would think your breast probably produces more evenly , but maybe doesn't get drained as well by your lo.

    Have you had blebs both times? I'm also wondering if maybe you need to take steps to get the bleb healed well so it doesn't keep occuring.
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    Default Re: Plugged ducts/Pump Weaning/DD taking in less milk?

    At one my son just wasn't as interested in nursing as much, he would rather look around and walk around, etc, life was just becoming interesting for him. At that age I think he definitely took less milk and I got a Few clogs, it is just one of those things, I worked out the clogs and continued to pump wean at 14 months. I certainly didn't alter my schedule because of a few clogged ducts.
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