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Thread: trouble with output

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    Default trouble with output

    A little background on me. I am nursing 9 month old twin boys and have supply problems from the beginning. I have always had to supplement with some formula.
    I have returned to work full time and pump 3 times per day while at work. I only get about 10-12 ozs in those 3 sessions. Not enough to feed two growing boys. Lately I have felt as though the pump I am using is not emptying me the way it needs to. I use a medela pump in style advanced. Would renting a hospital grade pump be something I might need to look in to? I have never mastered the art of hand expression so using that on top of pumping just doesnt seem to work.

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    A hospital grade pump should provide better output across the board, but before going there I would trouble-shoot the pump: tubes/connections, flange size (your nipples can change size as your babies get bigger), the little white membrane thingies, etc. Call Medela, they are quite helpful.
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    with the previous poster

    Good job giving your boys mama milk!

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    I loved the hosp grade pump, I felt TOTALLY empty when I used it.

    good luck!
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