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Thread: Reading her cues

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    Hi Ladies,

    Still can't believe I'm nursing a toddler, never dreamed I would go this long with all the probs we had in the beginning! Anyway, I still have random questions...I think I stress more now than I did in the beginning! Hoping you can shed some light and insight on how to continue nursing my 1 year old.

    How does your toddler tell you when they want to nurse? Or is it more scheduled? DD was pretty predictable for awhile...she would nurse upon waking; before naptime; after naptime; and bedtime. Now, she's so active and dropped a few sessions...so in order to keep offering, I'm trying to read her cues. When I offer and she's not ready, she bites me and jumps off my lap. I've been trying to teach her the sign for "milk" for awhile, but no luck just yet. How do you know when your LO is ready for some milk?? I feel silly asking this

    ...also...from what I read, many of your toddlers are nursing 8+ times a day...what is considered a "nursing session" at this age anyway? Does your LO take both breasts each time? For how long? Or nibbles here and there? Just curious, thanks again!!!
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    at a year DD was nursing LOTS!! I am not exactly sure but Id say 8 times a day and several times overnight.

    Now at 22 months she can also go 8x a day or 4x, and those times can be for 2 minutes or she can want to nurse for an hour! Depending on her mood. Now that she is older she tells me she wants to nurse. She DEMANDS it at times, "Sit momma, sit couch, want babe-er" (dont ask she calls nurisng baber).

    I think you can pretty much go with whatever schedule you had before, or just follow her cues. I dont alwyas offer both breasts, I usually offer 1, and if she is on for a while, then I will switch.
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    Default Re: Reading her cues

    My 20 month old will climb on my lap, pat my chest, bang his head on my chest...things like that. He'll scoot into his favorite nursing position and smile at me. Sometimes I can get him to say ma which is his word for milk sometimes not.
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