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Thread: Nipple Shield Weaning

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    My baby is 2 weeks old today and we have been using the nipple shield since the hospital because of her latch. I want her to be weaned off nipple shield and so I have been trying the past 2 days---I can eventually get her to latch on to my breast but she will only eat for about 9 minutes on one side and then pull off and fall asleep. I tried feeding her every 2 hours or earlier if she is hungry but I'm worried it's not enough---any advice on how to get her to eat more and eat from both sides?
    She is still having wet and poopy diapers. Just want to know if this is normal for a 2wk old trying to breastfeed---just want her to get enough and keep my supply enough.

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    As long as the baby is having enough wet and poopy diapers, she is getting enough to eat and you don't need to worry about how long she spends at the breast. It's pretty normal for a baby's feeding times to speed up once she's off the shield, since shields can slow down milk transfer and lead to longer feedings.

    This link covers shields and weaning from them: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...an-shield.html

    Getting a baby to take both sides during a feeding is a good goal to strive for in the early days, but you may not be able to make it happen every single time. Ways to keep baby awake and alert at the breast:
    - Dress her lightly, or strip her down to a diaper during feedings
    - Use a cool damp washrag on the soles of her feet or against the grain of her hair
    - Breast compressions: http://www.drjacknewman.com/help/Breast-compression.asp
    - Burp her and change her diaper in between breasts
    - Keep the lights dim (New babies close their eyes in response to bright light)

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    You're doing a good job.

    If the shield is easier, there's no need worry about weaning off it, especially if it's a new style contact shield. Your supply shouldn't suffer.

    But if you can get her to latch on all without the shield, as you say you can, that's a good thing to focus on. My best suggestion from someone who's BTDT, is to try to get her on without the shield, if you can great, if not, just use the shield. Your baby eventually won't need it.

    Agree with PP that time is not a good indication that the baby is getting enough. Diapers and weight gain are the only way to know, so if those things are normal, you should keep doing what you've been doing.

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