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Thread: FTM problem with latching on one side

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    Default FTM problem with latching on one side

    I just read a few different threads and learned about a "shallow latch" which definitely describes my newborn. She is one day shy of 3 weeks, and we have breastfeeding MOSTLY down, except she has latch issues still on the left side. My right side she latches on immediately like a champ, but the left I'm continually having to pull her off (which hurts in itself) and then restart. It is almost excrutiating to start out, but once she latches on we're all good. Except then a few minutes into it, she'll slip slightly in her position and we have to start all over which is very frustrating for both of us. The first few moments I feel like I'm about to scream or pass out until she's on. This makes this whole process unpleasant on the left side, although I haven't stopped nursing her from this side and am sticking with it.

    I've tried different positions, but with the same result unfortunately. I can't seem to get her to open wide enough to take the nipple properly. It's getting a little better as the days go by, in fact I took a bit of a "cheat break" by using a Medela breast shield (soft nipple cover) which took the pain level down quite a bit, however I just feel a slight "disconnect" and would rather not do this.

    Any advice? Thanks, I've learned alot already...just joined today, and am very grateful for the help.

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    Default Re: FTM problem with latching on one side

    DD and I had trouble on the right side. The pain was blood curdling when she would latch. They gave me a...nipple/breast shield(?) to wear when I wasn't nursing and told me to out laniosh (sp) on after every feeding. I never figured out exactly what the latch problem was, but I started pulling her chin down once she was on in order to untuck her lip and that, coupled with giving my nipple time to heal (we really wrecked it in the hospital), has made us pain free. Good luck. I know it's very painful!

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    Default Re: FTM problem with latching on one side

    Sounds like things are going pretty well. You know what a good latch feels like, so hang in there with maintaining it...even if you have to unlatch and start over. I made the mistake of nursing through VERY painful poor latch on one side with my firstborn, and ended up with terrible cracking and bleeding. It took a long time to heal. So although it is frustrating, it is better than the alternative nipple trauma.

    A lot of moms seem to find that things really fall into place around 6 weeks. Baby gets bigger and latch seems to improve overnight. Hang in there and congrats on the new baby!
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