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Thread: Normal 10 month old nursing/solids????

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    Default Normal 10 month old nursing/solids????

    I'm sure normal feeding at different ages has been a standard here but I am new and need some help!

    My 10 month old normal schedule...
    wakes up once between 2-4am to breastfeed
    8am wake up, breastfeed if I am off of work or takes 3-4oz bottle of EBM
    9am eats breakfast (cereal, puree fruit, cut up pieces of fruit)
    10-11ish nap
    When wakes up either breastfeeds or 3-4oz bottle
    12 lunch (puree fruit, puree veggie or some form of cooked veggie/cut up fruit, or sandwich or something!)
    130-4ish nap
    When wakes up breastfeeds or 3-4oz bottle
    Then dinner (same as breakfast and lunch)
    8pm bedtime, breastfeed right before

    Sounds pretty normal when I actually write it all down. I keep reading about offering snacks and other things but after naps and such there is no time! And if I do offer a snack then he isn't interested much in the next meal.

    Also, he has gone on a finger food strike!!! I thought as they got older they would like to feed themselves more!? I try to offer all sort of different things and don't force it. Everything I put on the tray gets automatically picked up and thrown off. I want to start cutting down on more of the pureed things and make that transition to all table food but we are taking a major step back! Help please!!! Any suggestions as to other finger foods that work?

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    Default Re: Normal 10 month old nursing/solids????

    sounds pretty normal to me!!my LO wasn't eating any solids untill well after 1 year and now he eats a variey of foods.
    as for the finger food strike I would not worry.your LO will start again to eat finger food.if now the preference is purees just go with it,they change constantly and soon this will be over.
    keep offering a variety of foods and don't worry about offering more snacks.I see what you mean with ''there is no time!'' it is true.
    if your LO is gaining well then is eating well!
    I'm Lisa,SAHM to M. 5/14/09 my velcro boy!

    we made it to 19 mos!!! no end in sight
    always and (I'd like to have a just LO and mom cosleeping smilie...)
    food sensitivity to dairy,apple and orange
    we just started to put cloth on
    if I'm here I'm
    love this forum!!!

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