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Thread: slow let down and pumping

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    My Lo is 18weeks and up until Christmas I had no problem expressing. Since then, coinciding with a growth spurt, my let down seems to take ages and I get sore pumpung before I can get anything much out. Only way I can get is to pump while feeding on the other side but she often takes both sides so I feel like im stealing her feed any one any tips/suggestions, would b much appreciated. We'd love to get out at Valentines

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    I have a slow/low-flow let down with pumping. I find breast compressions to help immensely, both for getting the let down started and for making more jets go, meaning I can pump more liquid faster. Also, if you are with your LO, you can try feeding one side(breast 1) and then feeding just long enough on the other side (breast 2) to get a let down (and however much milk you want to feed), then putting LO down and starting to pump right then. So LO has got a pretty good feed in before you pump. If they are still hungry after pumping breast #2 for 20 mon or so, you can go back to breast #1 and feed what your body has made in that time to top off. Hope this helps!
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