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Thread: 5 wks starting to fuss 24/7, need some advice!

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    Default 5 wks starting to fuss 24/7, need some advice!

    My 5 week old has been breastfeeding wonderfully and just this past week has started to cry ALL the time. He acts like he is hungry even after he eats for a good while. I have a strong let down so I know he is getting a lot, could this have something to do with it? He spits up ALOTTT every single time he eats. He eats both breasts and still acts hungry. I give him little tummies every chance I can but that doesnt seem to help. He was 8.12 at birth, 2 week 9.5, and 4 week 11.4. Could he have colic or reflux or could it be my breastmilk? My family is all for formula and suggesting I change because my milk could be the problem but I really have a hard time thinking thats the case and do not want to. Sorry so long just so frustrated!!

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    Default Re: 5 wks starting to fuss 24/7, need some advice!

    Spit up is pretty normal for awhile. 6 weeks is a prime time for growth spurt and fussies. It's not your milk mama. Don't listen to the Formula peeps, it won't help. Babies were meant to be breastfed!
    Keep feeding when baby is hungry and you will get through it.
    There's lots of things you can do for fussiness too. Swaddling, white noise (or loud fan), ssshhing.
    SAHM to my sweet December baby boy.

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