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Thread: The "F" word.

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    It's very possible to pump only a few times a day and have enough. I actually found that once I trained my body to produce milk only at those times I got more milk by pumping less frequently but for 20 min instead of ten. Now that's not true for everyone!!! Try pumping in the car on your way to and from work so u can get those extra sessions without taking time from work. My session on the way home from work was my biggest session. I also pumped n the car if I went out to pick up lunch. I would hook up drive to the market and unhook before going in to grab a sandwich and salad for lunch. Then bring it back and eat at my desk. If there's a will there's a way! I work for a small company and the only place available to pump was the bathroom so I chose my car instead. Literally there were no offices with locks! And the law does not protect any mothers in a small company.

    Good luck momma! I'm sure it will work out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*moose View Post
    Its a Christy sighting!!!! :wave

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    Wow you sure were dedicated the first time around, so good for you

    With my first I BF'd for 13weeks and when I went back to work full time my supply tanked and didn't do well pumping at all. I was never able to pump much and I went to formula.

    This time around I want to make it work. Starting around 3 weeks pp, I would pump once in the morning to start my stash. I was returning to work at 7 weeks pp. Not much time at all, but I had to go back. I was only pumping 2 oz at that time but it was enough. Now my DS is 10 almost 11 weeks old and I have been pumping for a month at work and still have a nice supply in my freezer. I have a older PIS and my supply started to dwindel so I rented a hospital grade pump for the month and already noticed a difference. My guys is a bit of a chunk but while at daycare he take 3, 3 oz bottles and I have been able to keep up.

    My milk supply is so much better this time around. I hope that this gives you some hope that it will work.

    Congrats on your prengnancy and try not to stress about it, because I am sure thats not going to help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sleckey View Post
    Thank you ladies! I hope that is true and that maybe things will go differently. I sure as heck know a lot more than I did 3 years ago! I will avoid any formula in the first 3 months at the very least and make sure I have a good latch from the very start as well, and keep up offering & nursing round the clock without trying to do other things around the home as well, etc.

    I would LOVE if just 3 pumps was enough to leave a day's worth of milk but cannot imagine that to be possible. I could only get 2 ounces out of a pump back then.

    I will try to just relax and deal with the immediate situation before planning for every possible problem :-) I just keep feeling overwhelmed at the thought of it all. Esp with zero friends or family around (just moved cross country).
    What kind of pump did you have back then? Have you upgraded or purchased a new one since then?

    I know what saved me is that I splurged on a used hospital grade Ameda for about $300. I could get so much milk with that thing! You'll want a hands-free setup too, I don't know how I survived without one the first time!
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    with the PPs and wanted to recommend the book The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More milk

    it is chock-full of information and you may find it reassuring that this time may be much different than your previous experience and that there are all kinds of things you can do to increase your supply if need be.

    i too was curious to know about what pump you will be using this time.

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