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Thread: Need help increasing milk

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    Default Need help increasing milk

    So my milk has been lowering past 2 months. The doctor said formula only for weight gain issues with lo. Well I started to wean only pump for comfort. Well I changed my mind, I was to be breastfed again. Right now only allowed to pump.
    I am taking fenugreek, moms milk tea lots of water. pumping 7-8 times a day.
    I started out maybe getting 5ml 60 hours ago now up to 20ml a session. Is it possible to get to 3 ounces a session? My baby is 5 months nursing never worked great because he was born premature at one point I was pumping 35 ounces a day.

    Any tips would help me. I know it will matter more what it looks in a few days.

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    Default Re: Need help increasing milk

    I'm not sure why you've been recommended to give formula and not feed... I would definitely seek a second opinion on this.

    Breastmilk has more calories and more bioavaliable nutrients than formula so it is usually the preferred option.

    If baby wasn't gaining well at the breast did you have any hands on support with feeding preferably from an IBCLC?

    Even if feeding was going badly I see no reason to stop breastfeeding completely even if supplementation with EBM or formula is necessary.

    Sorry if this doesn't answer your question but the best chance you have is to get your baby back to the breast!

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