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Thread: breastfeeding 6 mo old twins

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    Question breastfeeding 6 mo old twins

    I am trying to find moms of twins like me that exclusively breastfeed, my boy/girl twins are 6 months old next week and have only been breastfed I do not give them formula at all.
    I need some support from moms that understand how hard this is with twins!

    I am also exclusively breastfeeding until they are one years old, I would love to know I am not alone!

    I just returned to part time evening work and have a 20 minute break to pump so the constant anxiety of having enough milk bottled for them to bed when i am gone is exhausting!
    Not to mention just the day in and out of being the sole source of food for two babies!

    This is so hard! SOmething so natural as breastfeeding has been so hard on me I wont give up though I will do it until their first birthday I just need help and moms to talk to that get it with multiples!

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    Default Re: breastfeeding 6 mo old twins

    I'm not a mom of twins so I can't commiserate but I did recently read a great article in HIP MAMA magazine by a mother who had nursed twins. I particularly enjoyed her description of breastfeeding both in bed at the same time. I think she wished her boobs were a little longer so that she could lie on her back with one on each side. I thought I'd forward the info..

    Otherwise keep up the good work... I also pump evenings at work and get the "am I going to make enough" anxiety. Somehow nature makes it work.
    Mama to Maya Neptali born 3-7-10, 6lbs 12 ounces.
    7/27/10 13lbs 10ounces

    We and I at work just so I can
    because I love it.

    We've gotten through thrush, nipple vasospasm, eczema, posterior tongue tie and low milk supply.

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    Default Re: breastfeeding 6 mo old twins

    I am a twin mom - 10 months old and no formula yet!

    So yeah...I get it! This is HARD! I have an older breastfed singleton, so I have something to compare it to, and yes, breastfeeding twins is different, and more complicated (but it is kinda awesome how much we get to eat, no?)

    Hang in there! I totally understand your stress with pumping enough at work, just keep eating and drinking lots and try not to get too focused on the 'need'. Just do your best, keep yourself healthy, and let nature take care of the rest!

    Good luck and hang in there!

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    Default Re: breastfeeding 6 mo old twins

    You're not alone! I have 7-month old boy/girl twins, no formula. This wasn't always the case though, as my daughter was bottle-fed for a couple of months for various reasons but she is all breastfed now. We're starting solids slowly, it's more play than eating, and I certainly understand how tough it is being the sole calorie source for two little munchkins!

    Good luck to you!
    Mom to amazing twins! Both nursed happily until 3y6m.

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