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Thread: DS isn't eating great anymore

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    Default DS isn't eating great anymore

    I posted a while back about ds not gaining much wait. I told how the dr said to give him more juice and that I wasn't going to do that. Well, ds is not eating well anymore and it is started to worry me. He will be 13 mths on Thursday. He still nurses good. Is this normal for this age. I just can't remember, the one before him is 9 yrs old. I can get him to eat more than dh,but it still is very little. When I am work he eats practically nothing for dh. Should I take him to dr or do ya'll think this is just a normal age thing? Thanks in advance for your posts.

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    Default Re: DS isn't eating great anymore

    I'm sorry you are so worried about your DS. It can be very difficult when a Dr questions your child's well being.

    I'm going to share my personal experience with you. My DD is 16 months and eats very little table food. She nurses several times a day and never seems hungry. If she grabs for food while I'm eating, I give her some. I've really let her lead the way. I figure that she'll eat when she's ready ;-). My DDs weight has slowed significantly since she started moving about at around 9 months of age. As a matter of fact, she has gained less than a pound since her 9 month visit. My Dr and I discussed her mobility, the new growth charts released specifically for breastfed babies when he raised an eyebrow. He seemed okay with it once he learned that I was going to speak up about how I felt. It's funny how Drs can take on a totally different attitude if you come in acting like you know what you're talking about . It is totally normal for their weight gain to slow as they approach their first birthday. Chances are, your Dr is comparing your child against growth charts not designed with the exclusively breastfed child in mind. Since breastfed babies follow different growth patterns than their formula fed counterparts, it would be worth looking into. Here is a link to a great page at kellymom concerning weight gain of a breastfed infant:


    It may make you feel better to chart your child's growth on one of these charts.

    I think it's also important to recognize if your child meeting all other milestones. Is weight gain the only issue?

    I'm sure lots of other Mommies will chime in with their experience with this exact situation. It's a common one!!


    Oh, and juice for weight gain? Nursing would be much for effective since breastmilk is much higher in fast and calories. I wouldn't go the juice route either. There is virtually no nutritional value in juice!
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    Default Re: DS isn't eating great anymore

    my dd had been the very same way from age 12 months to 14 months. She ate v. little solid food and wasn't even nursing that great. i obsessed every day about this especially since she was hanging onto the growth charts by a thread.

    well- i don't know if it was the change in the weather or the fact she just turned 15 months, but dd now has a voracious appetite. she even ate tomato soup last night-just couldn't get enough! babies are always changing. and they will eat when they are hungry, just let them lead the way.

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