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Thread: Engorged and leaking?

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    Default Engorged and leaking?

    Has anybody dealt with an engorged/leaking breast WHILE STILL PREGNANT?

    Today my right breast has been hard as a rock and leaking. I can feel the ducts and they are hard, and it feels hot to the touch, it feels like I have a newborn that ate 3 hours ago and seriously needs to nurse in the next bit or I am going to die! Why?! I am 31 weeks and have been leaking little bits here and there, but today, while lying down, it was running, dripping down my chest, pooling on the bed... why?! Anybody dealt with this before?

    {I HAVE dealt with this before, but never while still pregnant... it's always AFTER baby.}

    I was hospitalized since Saturday, with kidney stones and some pre-term labor. I was sent home on bedrest, Nifedipine to stop contractions, got two doses of steroids while I was there to help her lungs, and I don't know if any of that has to with it... or if it's because my body was maybe seriously preparing to bring a baby into the world! I am sorry for the post without being a familiar face, I am just confused, and don't know why I am feeling engorged/on the verge of Mastitis when I am 31 weeks pregnant.
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    Default Re: Engorged and leaking?

    My sister and my BFF did this too. I never did. Both of them had to wear pads from about 7 months on while pregnant. It wasn't milk though, it was colostrum...I'm assuming that is what you are talking about as well. I leaked colostrum but only enough to make my nipples stick to my bra and make taking it off painful.

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    Default Re: Engorged and leaking?

    did you have an iv?
    maybe your just too full of fluids?

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    Default Re: Engorged and leaking?

    Tips on managing engorgement here: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...nt.html#before One thing you don't want to do is pump, since it can induce labor. But definitely try the cabbage and cool compresses!


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