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Thread: BF and hair dye

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    Default BF and hair dye

    My dr said that there isnt research to show that dying your hair while BF wont harm your milk.

    Any moms out there know if that is true??

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    Ive never heard of that? Im a hair dresser and ive dyed and gotten my hair dyed manyyyyyy a time while bf'ing. LO neva had a problem with my milk? Weird i wouldnt see how it would change your milk at all? Dye doesnt seep into your scalp and into your blood stream. So im pretty sure your safe

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    Default Re: BF and hair dye

    I dyed my hair while bf. Google around and see what you get from reputable online sources of info.
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    I've always dyed my hair while breastfeeding and while pregnant. It is the fumes that made doctors worry before but now that there are low fume products it isn't an issue. My stylist which is also a good friend of mine did a ton of research on it when I found out I was preggo with DS3. she only uses low fume dyes and the salon has a ventalation system similar to what bars use to filter smoke.

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