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Thread: Latching issue

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    Default Latching issue

    LO is almost 10 weeks and she still won't open her mouth wider which makes my nipples sore. Sometimes if she gets a good or deeper latch her mouth would slide down after a few seconds or she would pull back her head to get a shallow latch because I guess she's more comfortable with it. I'm afraid that this has become a habit of hers and latching will be unfixable. Don't know what to do now. Because of sore nipple I would sometimes bottle feed her if pain is unbearable. She also likes to comfort nurse and since I can't give my breast all the time I give her pacifier. Could this be the reason why she can't practice opening her mouth wider. Is it still going to get better?

    I have gone this far and I'm not ready to give up just yet but I'm going back to work in less than 3 weeks and I want to start enjoying BF at least before working.

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    Latching is always fixable. Babies can re-learn at any point. I'm wondering if you have OALD, if she's pulling away after a few seconds maybe the spray is too much. Have you tried leaning back when nursing?

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    Default Re: Latching issue

    I was just wondering about you the other day! Glad to see you've stuck with nursing despite the challenges.

    I think you can definitely expect a turnaround sometime in the future, but when it's going to happen... That's anyone's guess. It varies so much from mom to mom.

    In my personal experience, I didn't get a consistently good, deep latch until my baby's mouth grew big enough that she could take a big old "bite" of breast every single time. But babies grow. Even if you're having a rotten time with the shallow latch right now, your baby will eventually grow big enough that she will get a deeper latch.

    As far as the bottle and paci go... Well, they can affect a baby's latch. A baby doesn't need a good latch to suck on a bottle/paci, and that can sort of train them to be sloppy when latching onto the breast. A couple things that may help are:
    1. Choose a breast-shaped bottle. Adiri and Breastflow make bottles that are supposed to be more breastlike, and thereby encourage a consistently good latch.
    2. Train the baby to latch well every time you feed her- and that includes when you're using the bottle. It's easy to slip a bottle nipple into a half-open mouth, so make sure you wait for a nice, wide-open gape before you stick the bottle in.

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