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Thread: Late bloomers with solids?

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    Default Late bloomers with solids?

    Ds2 is 13 months and has finally become sort of interested in solids. We offer him 3 meals and I would say he is currently taking breakfast as the biggest meal.

    He refused to allow me to feed him from the beginning and had a tongue tie that hinded him from swallowing properly, plus extreme to the 100000th degree of reflux, and food allergies. So he is super delayed.

    His new thing is he can self feed using a spoon. This sounds really silly but now I can make puree and put it in a bowl. And he can scoop it out on the spoon and feed it to himself. It has opened up a lot of doors for us.

    When he self feeds finger foods he spits most of it out. I feel like he has texture problems. He is not allergic to meat so we can feed him chicken, and he chews and chews and then spits it all out.

    We have found those Ella's Kitchen bags awesome. They are good for FA babies and he drinks they up like it is a sippy. Lol!

    I don't really have a point of this thread except to maybe chat with other mommas who have late blooming babies with solids. For whatever reason. And to get some ideas of new ways to present foods.

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    Default Re: Late bloomers with solids?

    Just to add, Allie started solids late too @ 11 months. I wanted to go as long as i could exclusively bf'ing her. so i did! everyone hated me for it but i knew it was right for us she was healthy and so we just waited.

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    Default Re: Late bloomers with solids?

    Also a late bloomer here. DD started on bananas at 11 months. I got some crap from our protocol-minded HMO doc at our 12 month checkup but DD is beginning slowly. We aren't getting much support from him but she is still thriving and her iron levels are great along with her growth.

    I am concerned that she really doesn't swallow much and in general for her nutrition ... but i have faith she won't starve herself. We present food 3 times a day and nurse on demand throughout the day.

    We make our own food. I googled those bags referred to in first post and get upset to see the 4+ months label! ( http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/n...36580916400946 )

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    Default Re: Late bloomers with solids?

    Joey was a lot like Colby, minus the FA. But she REFUSED to be spoon-fed and cried at the idea of solids until 9-10mos. THEN, she would accept regular table food and would gag and puke up everything all the time I know the meat thing is really annoying. Sometimes she still does this...she will chew and chew and chew a piece of meat and then spit it out And she has all 20 teeth. Once I started cutting them really really tiny...she'll eat them. Like if we have chicken, I cut it into pieces the size of tic-tacs and she'll eat it. Same with pork chops. She loves steak

    One thing that works for us Lisa...I take grilled meat of any kind, use my Kitchen-Aid meat grinder and finely grind it. Then I make a chicken salad and put it on crackers. Maybe you can do that?
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    Default Re: Late bloomers with solids?

    I don't know what to tell you, we started solids with DS (who was also a FF baby - at least mostly) at 7ish months. He really didn't eat enough for me to even cut down the number of bottles until he was about 15 months. We did BLS and he had no texture issues (except the projectile vomiting squashes of any kind which he still does if we get them into him by stealth). He just wasn't interested.
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