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Thread: Zantac Dosage & GERD

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    Default Zantac Dosage & GERD

    I posted this same question on another site, in case you happen to think you've read it before!

    My dd (about 15 1/2 pounds) is taking Zantac three times a day - started last week. I was just told by my father (a pharmacist) that the pediatrician isn't giving her enough to treat her for GERD. The amount prescribed is more for acid control, not full blown GERD. Granted, the ped acted like she had never written an RX for Zantac (always pushes for specialists on everything - we see the specialist in a month) and had a hard time calculating the dosage.

    I was just wondering what everyone's dosages look like. I know baby weight is a factor, so if you wouldn't mind sharing that I'd really appreciate it. Not that I want to doubt my dad, but I'm just really interested.


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    Default Re: Zantac Dosage & GERD

    There is a very specific calculation for it, and while I don't know what it is, I do know that it has made a difference when we have not had the right dose. That being said, I can tell you what our dose is, but please understand that I am not a doctor and trust my doctor that she is prescribing the correct amount - mostly because it works . My daughter is 6.5 months old, weighs 14.3 pounds and is on 1.4 mls of Zantac 3 times a day. Now I don't know what "full blown" reflux is, but my daughter was 7 weeks early and it is assumed that she has GERD because of that. Hope that helps.

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    My son is about fourteen pounds and takes 1.7 ml twice daily. He started out at about 9lbs, taking 1 ml every 12 hours and we've increased it by a couple of ml's every three weeks or so.

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