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Thread: taking a feeding while I am out...

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    I have a 7 month old who I would like to continue BF until 1 year... but when I try to go out he cries the entire time I am gone, and refuses to take a bottle... frustrating for me, and whoever I have left him with! I would just like him to be able to take a bottle maybe once a week or so, just so I can go out for a few hours!!! ANY advice would be appreciated...

    I am also currently nursing him to sleep most often, but it is also causing some problems when I am away from him for any period of time... any advice for this??
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    Weaning will not likely solve the separation issues. Can you take your LO along with you? If not, there are other ways to feed expressed milk. At 7 months you could introduce a cup and give the expressed milk that way or even a spoon. Can you plan your outtings around eating time? Weaning isn't your only option.

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    By 7 months, DS preferred a beginner sippy cup. We had one with handles and a soft spout. He stopped taking a bottle sometime before that. We had one day where I was at work 8+ hours, and he ate 1-2 oz! When we went to a sippy cup, he ate a lot more.

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    At seven months, you can introduce a sippy cup and give him water or expressed milk that way, with solid foods. Maybe if he gets used to doing this with you nearby, he would be more likely to take a cup from someone else.

    I also have a very intense, very mommy-attached baby, so I feel your frustration! It can feel very overwhelming at times knowing that your baby requires your presence 24/7. My baby still cries when I try to sneak out of our bedroom in the middle of the night to use the bathroom! It's hard!

    But I also agree, I don't think this is breastfeeding-related. I think it's just personality. It's possible that weaning your baby would only make him MORE intense and clingy, because weaning would make him feel more insecure, not less.

    Just to give you hope, I do see gradual improvement in my baby's separation anxiety. There hasn't been a huge transformation, he is still shy, but he tends to go through intense sep anxiety phases (around eight months was one I remember clearly!), and then phases where he is more easy going and social. It won't be like this forever!

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    Thanks all for your advice...very much appreciated, and it is good to know that I am not the only one .... I realized afterward that I posted this on the weaning thread, and did not know how to delete it!! So, I reposted on the Breastfeeding your infant thread...
    Thank you again!

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