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Thread: drool rash

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    Lately my LO has been drooling excessively (he is teething) lately. As a result, he has developed a red rash under his chin and neck. I try to keep it as clean and dry as possible. Should I put some sort of cream on it or should I not be worried at all.


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    I would very gently wash his face with warm water (don't rub, obviously) and then apply a lanolin ointment (like Soothe and Heal by Lansinoh or as a vegan alternative, the Earth Mama Angel Baby Butter). That should help soothe it and protect it from further drool rivers! And try to keep gently wiping the excess drool off his face as often as you can.

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    Try vaseline, weird as that sounds, it works.

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    Vaseline works. Also, cornstarch. My LO is at that age, too, and I use 100% cornstarch baby powder, and it dries him right up. (Otherwise it's hard to sufficiently dry the cracks and crannies!) "They" say to dump the powder into your hand first, and not dumping it out directly on your LO, or they inhale too many of the particles and it's not good for them.

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