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Thread: Simple Wishes Hands Free Bustier

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    Just wanted to share with everyone that I purchased this bustier at target.com but they have it at walmart, and I think babies r us as well. Anyway, I just used it for the first time at work, and I'm in love!!! IT is super comfortable and while I was paranoid that the sizing was too broad and that it wouldn't fit right, it actually fits perfectly. ( I am on the cusp of the XS/S/M size and the L/XL/XXL size. I followed the size chart to a T and got the smaller one and it fits perfectly). Anyway, I LOVE THIS!!! Made pumping at work so much better! :-)

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    I have one too, and I'm pretty sure it's the only reason I'm still sane in all of this. Right now I'm pumping, feeding the baby in my lap, reading here and talking to my 4 year old. I hate pumping, so anything that makes it easier is good.

    I am also right on the border between the sizes, and the LC I got it from suggested I go with the larger size. It's very adjustable. When I can't adjust it down, it's good to know I could run to Walmart to get a small versus going all the way to the LC's office
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