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Thread: 13 month old scratching other side

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    Default 13 month old scratching other side

    My 13month old daughter still nurses really well but in the last few weeks she has started to stick her hand in my shirt and scratch the other nipple (play with it but it scratches etc). Any ideas how to stop her from doing this? Is this normal? Its really bothering me. I will try and hold her hand and tell her no but she just freaks out.

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    IMO - at that age implementing some nursing "manners" is reasonable. I say - please stop that hurts mommy - and redirect the hand somewhere else. If I'm getting REALLY hurt (like bitten) I stop the nursing session.
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    have you tried a nursing necklace?
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    When my 17 m.o. gets too rough during nursing, I will unlatch him and ask "all done?" If he is all done he'll go play, if not he'll try to latch on again, and I'll say "Be nice!" before he starts. If that doesn't work, I'll put him down and tell him "All done!"
    He can be pretty rough, pulling hair, scratching, pinching, slapping, etc. It makes nursing annoying, so I had to put a stop to it if we were going to continue. It seems to have worked, he doesn't often act out during a feed anymore.

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    I always wear a bra and pull my shirt down over the side. I tell her that mommy doesn't like it when she touches the other side (because it really creeps me out/makes me uncomfortable) (I don't tell her that part but I move her hand and tell her I don't like it. I think babies know it stimulates more milk flow and that is one reason they do it. Otherwise I give her a soft toy to hold or something else to twiddle.
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    It's normal, but I doubt there's any mom out there who enjoys it! A more restrictive shirt or bra may help- it's hard to twiddle what you can't get your hands on. Otherwise, redirect, use a nursing necklace, offer a toy. If none of that works, at 13 months you can probably just put her down for a couple minutes the moment twiddling starts- she may eventually figure out that twiddling starts = nursing stops.

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