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Thread: Foul smelling gas in newborn

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    Default Foul smelling gas in newborn

    Hi all,

    I am here on behalf of my daughter. Precious 1st baby girl is only 3 days old and has had very foul smelling gas. She is only breastfed, so it is a surprise to me as I never experienced that ever with her or her brother when I was nursing them when babies. Could it simply be something that my daughter ate? Just seems odd.
    Baby is also jaundiced. Her numbers were too high day before we left hospital, but had dropped enough for them to allow her to go home. Whites of her eyes are not yellow, but skin is noticeably so.
    Oh, and she is nursing beautifully and often and for long periods which I've read is really good for jaundiced babies.

    Anyhow, any advice and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.

    Nana (by the way, this is my husband's and my first grandchild. What an amazing feeling!! - We are already deeply in love!)

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    Default Re: Foul smelling gas in newborn

    Is the baby pooping? If so what does it look like?
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