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Thread: reflux maybe?

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    LO is 7 weeks and we EBF. He is really laid back and easy going. Yesterday he was fussy all day. Never went down for a nap and spit up all day plus 3 projectile spit ups. Slept good all nigt, woke up to another projectile after nursing this a.m. Then at lunvh had a huge diahrea type poopy diaper. I called his pediatrician and she wanted to see him. She wants me to give him pedialyte for 8 hours. She gave him a bottle of pedialyte while we were there. He immediatley got fussy and then she gave him an antacid which was immediate relief. Giving him pedialyte from a bottle a few times wont hurt will it? antacid? also will the antacid make his poop different?

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    With the mucousy poopy diaper my first thought would be that either you have a foremilk-hindmilk imbalance or maybe there is an allergy issue with something you are eating. But I also don't have much experience with reflux.

    I never use pedialyte, breastmilk is so much better for them and it's not a hassle to get them to take it.
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