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Thread: OUCH!!! It hurts so much...

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    Default OUCH!!! It hurts so much...

    I am biting the bullet here because I want to see a LC but the fee is $150.00 for an hour meeting. I know my baby is worth it - especially if we can nip this in the bud, but DH is against me spending that kind of money for a LC visit. He's supposed to support me with breastfeeding, not try and steer me away from it.

    Anyway - we are not latching well. My daughter cannot keep her mouth open wide enough, long enough for me to position the nipple properly. She slides her bottom jaw up so quickly that she ends up with mostly just the nipple in her mouth. I am very large breasted so it's hard to get her to take much aereola at all anyway. Plus, I am still being treated for yeast infection in my nipples (nystation cream). Pediatrician will not treat my daughter for thrush unless she shows physical signs of the infection. I have asked twice for them to treat her but they say NO. So far, she's not showing any signs.

    I am in constant pain and I don't know whether it is from the bad latch or the infection - or both. I suspect both. This happened with my first daughter and I eventually gave up after 3 months. I don't want that to happen again. I want so badly for this experience to be pleasurable for me as well as for my daughter.

    Any advice? Words of wisdom?

    I think I will try to get some acidopholous (sp) tomorrow and see if that helps too.

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    Default Re: OUCH!!! It hurts so much...

    hi there! sorry to hear about the nipple yeast infection! my dd and i are hopefully at the end of our battle with thrush.

    i'd recommend getting your doctor to prescribe you the all purpose nipple ointment (APNO). . you will need to find a compounding pharamacy to make this ointment for you. it is used for sore nipples due to a poor latch and yeast infections. i used it and it worked wonderfully. are you feeling shooting or stabbing-like pains in your breasts? if so, it would be good if you could also get a prescription for diflucan. however, if the pain is only in your nipples, then the apno should suffice (of course, along with getting a good latch).

    you can also contact your local LLL group...they should be able to help you...and if i'm not mistaken...it's free. they can assist you with getting a better/correct latch with your daughter.

    this link has many resources on how to get a better latch....

    acidophilus is good in decreasing the risk of yeast overgrowth. you can also eat yogurt. another thing is to cut down on your sugar intake. wash your bras in hot water...and if your nipples are itchy, you can "Mix 1 tablespoon white vinegar with about a cup of water. Lean over the cup and soak nipple in it for a minute or so, then stand over the sink and pour it slowly over the nipple. This can bring immediate relief" (from kellymom.com)...and whenever possible, let your nipples air dry.

    HTH! good luck!
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    Default Re: OUCH!!! It hurts so much...

    Hi there
    I'm sorry you're having these struggles. Have you been able to locate a LLL Leader in your area (see the link in my signature)? A leader may be a first step toward getting some in person help, and best of all it's free!

    If you feel you still need to see an actual lactation consultant, perhaps telling your husband that the average formula-feeding family spends $1200-1500/year on formula would help? He might see $150 as a reasonable expense!

    A mis-latch will definitely cause you pain. Seeing someone in person to help you is best. In the meantime a (non-LLL) link to help you:

    This link has several videos of mothers latching on. I suggest the assymetrical latch. Try some skin-to-skin contact, taking a warm bath together and nursing when baby is drowsy.

    I'm also passing along an article on thrush:

    This article clearly states that both mother and baby need to be treated (as you know). Do you think your doctor would be open to dialoguing with you if you brought that information to him? You can assure him that LLL has a Medical Advisory Board that keeps track of the latest research.

    Hang in there!
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    Default Re: OUCH!!! It hurts so much...

    Quote Originally Posted by Aleina's_Mom View Post
    you can also contact your local LLL group...they should be able to help you...and if i'm not mistaken...it's free. they can assist you with getting a better/correct latch with your daughter.
    Yep. It is free. I think it's a wonderful idea for you to contact a La Leche League leader for one-on-one support. They can guide you much better than anyone can over the computer for help with your baby's latch.

    The leaders will help you for free and you do not have to be a member. Here is the link to find one:
    How to Find a La Leche League Leader Near You

    Also, would it be possible to find a different pediatrician? It is essential that your baby be treated at the same time as you so you two don't keep passing it back and forth. It is fairly common for a baby to have thrush and not have the white spots in their mouth or other obvious signs of it. I had thrush for 3 months ... and my baby never had any white spots. We did occassionally see the yeast rash in her diaper area, and she was excessively gassy when she started treatment (signs that the yeast was dying off). Our ped knew that it was vital for us both to be treated simutaneously. What if you told your doctor that the LLL advises that?

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    Default Re: OUCH!!! It hurts so much...

    Debi, good for you for working so hard to give your daughter the best start. Others have responded to much of what you said, but I noticed that you mentioned large breasts. I, too, have large breasts and found that I needed to do a few things to ensure a good latch. (In fact my 8-month-old just finished nursing at the keyboard now ). Some ideas:
    • I know it sometimes seems like you need extra arms growing out of your body to get the baby latched on properly. One thing that helps some larger-breasted moms is to take a towel, receiving blanket or cloth diaper, roll itup and put it under the breast. This might help hold it up and free up your hands to work on the baby.

    • Some moms find a football hold gives them more control. By experimenting with holding her along your arm, it could free up both hands, as well. I tend to hear from larger-breasted moms that they prefer this position (and I did with tiny babies).

    • For me, the main thing was to gently compress my breast so my daughters could get the areola into their mouths. Their mouths are so tiny, especially when their heads are smaller than the breast! I have been successful with any of two ways of doing this. (I also started with flat nipples, but found these help even without that challenge.) One is to make a "nipple sandwich." Hold your breast with your hand in the shape of a C, thumb on top. Gently compress it like you would if you were holding a huge Dagwood sandwich and had to smush it down a bit to get it in your mouth. This may give your daughter a more compact target to latch on to. Another way to do the same is to do a "cigarette hold," which also looks like scissor fingers. Use your first two fingers, one on each side, to guide the areola into her mouth.

    My best to you and your little one!
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    Default Re: OUCH!!! It hurts so much...

    Thanks so much Sue for your info. I do all of those things now.

    Our latch is good sometimes, but not so good at other times. Last night was awful and now I am in SO much pain because we tried for over half hour on the right side.

    I AM calling the LC today for a consultation. I verified yesterday that insurance will reimburse me the $150.00 - so I am SO excited!! I am also going to call my OB later this AM to ask about a more effective way to combat the infection - the Nystatin is not doing it - I know it's not quite two weeks yet, but I am going to ask anyway - maybe Diflucan as some have suggested.

    I'll update after the OB talk & LC visit.

    Thank you all again - VERY VERY MUCH!!! I am so happy that you are here for support.

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    Default Re: OUCH!!! It hurts so much...

    Debi we are batteling Thrush as well but I think I have it beat. I used Monostat on my nipples! Try that! Also about the latch. Here is what helped us. As soon as Chloe would open her mouth I would BAM bring her to my nipple. I mean very fast! My husband thinks it is funny but it works cause I know I only had a moment to do it. Hang in there! It will get better! (((((hugs)))))

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    Smile Re: OUCH!!! It hurts so much...

    I had the same problem in the beginning as well. they put me on diflucan (sp?) and another (because 2 days after i gave birth I got a uti, HORRIBLE PAIN!!!)
    My daughter never got thrush, and I used lanolin on my nipples which helped SOOOO much with the latching issue and pain. I was a 44dd after my milk came in so I understand completely. i found that breastfeeding while laying on my side, pillow behind my back and under my head worked really well. She latched on better that way and I was able to gradually sit up and she was able to maintain breastfeeding.
    Hope this helps

    big hugs!!!

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    Default Re: OUCH!!! It hurts so much...

    We had thrush - both my son and I had it - and nursing was incredibly painful... I know you're having latch-on problems, but even if you weren't, when I had thrush on my nipples, I would cry nursing, it hurt so bad... We got liquid nystatin for his mouth and I put it on my nipples as well... cleared right up :-)

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    Default Re: OUCH!!! It hurts so much...

    I have not had thrush, but did have a very hard time for the first few weeks with the latch. My LC gave me Medela nipple shields until we both got used to the bfing. They only run about six bucks, so it's definately worth it! GL

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