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Thread: Embarrassed to say this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sleckey View Post
    Just to throw in my 2 cents :-)
    I shifted from the ideal of "CLW" over to a Mom&Baby Led Weaning. My son was not the only person involved, and to me it seemed natural that BOTH he and I influenced how the nursing relationship would change and wean over time.
    with the above. You get a say in this too momma. I have also shifted from a firm believer in CLW to more of a gently nudged by momma weaning method. DS just turned 3 in November and there are plenty of signs to me that he's okay with the momma led thing too. Plus I can tell I'm really wanting to end it personally. I made my goal of 3 years.
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    I was kind of surprised when I read How Weaning Happens that what they talked about as child-led had some mommy influence involved. (Good, quick, easy ready, BTW.) I think paying attention to your child's needs is important, and it is also important to find ways to meet your own needs.
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    Completely agree with pp. Each child is different, each Mommy is different, each Family has different needs and taking all of that into account will help you make the right choice for all of you. Most 3 year old nursing toddlers understand limits and can be taught to understand and appreciate the given situation.

    Best of luck!!

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    Thanks everyone. As of right now, she's really not asking during the day anymore - once and a while on the weekend. And I haven't been actually offering at night, but she just asks at bed time, well, rather, helps herself . So the nights haven't been too bad lately. She hasn't been marathoning for 2 hours per night. So that helps a lot. I feel bad for not really feeling like tandem nursing and hoping that she will wean by her b-day which is in May.
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