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Thread: Valve in frozen breastmilk

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    Default Valve in frozen breastmilk

    On Friday when I pumped the valve accidently fell into the bottle of breastmilk. Because I was in a hurry to head back to work I told myself I would take it out at home before I stored the milk or when I transfered the milk to another bottle. As it could have been foreshadowed I forgot. I put the milk in the bottle along with the valve into the freezer and now the milk is frozen with the valve inside.

    Can I still use both the valve and the milk once the bottle is defrosted for use? Should I do this ASAP?


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    Default Re: Valve in frozen breastmilk

    I vote you can use both, and that there's not necessarily any rush.
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    Default Re: Valve in frozen breastmilk

    i would at least use the bm - the valve may or may not work as efficiently, i don't know. You can get valve replacements really cheap on amazon.
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