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    First off, thanks for all the help!!

    My 11 day old son was doing well. As of yesterday: explosive green poop and gas and spit up (the kind that goes out the nose)

    My old routine: Feed from one breast till he unlatchs (about 15 min). Burp. Offer same breast (10 min). Burp. Offer other breast (10 min). burp.

    I read green poop = low hind milk intake. So now

    New routine: same but only offer 1 breast 3 times.

    Is this ok, it has not helped so far but its only been 24 hours. Also will this decrease my milk supply?

    I am planning on returning to work in a few weeks so can I pump the unused breast while he feeds on the other (if I am able to get that talented)

    Thanks Again

    <Kate> FTM to Tucker 1-11-11 and trying to EBF

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    Default Re: 1 breast or both

    i just let mine nurse until she stops. if she immediately starts fussing or rooting, i offer the same breast again. if she is sleeping, i don't.
    if she then wants to eat again 5 minutes later, i go to the other side.
    she is cluster nursing big time, so i don't have to worry about producing enough since she is constantly at the breast.
    i pump once in the morning when she gives me a pause (and get 4-6 ounces) and once before bed (usually get 2-3 ounces) in order to get a stash in the freezer for going back to work next week.
    Jenna, momma to Lillian (1/1/11)
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    Default Re: 1 breast or both

    I set a time for each side. Say three hours right side no matter how many times then three hrs other side

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