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    Good Morning! I have noticed at times after pumping or when breastfeeding that my milk or breast have a faint smell of body odor. Is this normal?

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    As long as the baby drinks it okay, I wouldn't worry.

    Could the odor you're smelling actually be onion or garlic? Those flavors/odors are commonly expressed in milk after mom has some onion or garlic in her diet. In fact, it happens with cows, too: my Granddads were dairy farmers and they always knew when the cows had gotten into a patch of spring onions because the milk smelled of them!

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    Milk can actually take on the flavor of foods we (or cows or goats, probably any mammal) eat.

    I grew up on a farm and milked twice a day every day for about 10 years. Sometimes, the milk tasted fine. Sometimes, not so much if the cows or goats (we had both) got into something. There were some weeds the animals liked but made the milk taste really awful to us.

    Some cheesemakers use this to their advantage and feed their animals (cows, goats or sheep) special feeds or grasses to make particular cheeses with individual tangs.
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    Garlic makes your milk taste sweet though. Many babies prefer garlic flavored milk. If I can find the study I'll post it. Kind of neat

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