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Thread: Staying hydrated

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    Question Staying hydrated

    I know that when BF exclusively my DD stays hydrated via my breast-milk, but my question is now that we are replacing meals of breast-milk with solids is she getting enough to drink or should I be giving her water?

    Thanks so much.

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    Default Re: Staying hydrated

    Are you actually replacing nursing sessions with solids? Your baby is about 6 months old, correct?

    If so, at this age your child's primary nutrition should be coming from breastmilk (or formula). Solids at this age are just for tastes, fun and experimenting. The vast majority of calories should still be from breastmilk (or formula).

    To achieve this, I nurse my DD before I offer her solids.

    In regard to your water question, you may offer your LO water with meals or in between but I've never focused on my DD drinking a certain amount. As previously said, the bulk of her calories still comes from breastmilk.

    Are you hoping to wean your LO by certain time or?

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