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    My baby just turned 6 weeks old this week and we're still having trouble with breastfeeding. He was a preemie so the nicu had to give him the bottle while he was there, but i still tried to nurse at the same time. Everytime we try to nurse either he will latch on and suck a few times and then he gets mad and pulls off or he can't get latched on at all! At times i feel like he doesn't like eating in the lying down position but there's no other way and another thing he is always putting his arms up by his face or gets mad even before we start and his arms are flailing around and i can't see if he's opening up wide enough and then he'll grab my nipple! Ouch! My baby is very impatient when it comes to eating so as soon as he wakes up he's mad and hungry which makes trying to nurse so difficult I've been pumping and giving him my milk in the bottle since he's come home 5 weeks ago which is going well but he's a growing boy and his feeding are almost 4 oz now and im afraid i won't be able to keep up. It seems all i do now is pump and try to nurse, not to mention i have a 4 yr old so time is crazy! Somebody please help, i DO NOT want to switch to formula!!

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    Congrats on your new baby!

    I'm sorry things have been hard.

    Have you tried maybe pumping for just a minute or two before you nurse so the milk is right there and your baby is satisfied immediately?

    Are you using slow flow nipples on your bottles? You always want to keep any BF baby on slow flow.

    Maybe breast compressions might help you let down more quickly?

    4 oz per bottle is plenty for a BF baby. I don't think you need to worry about keeping up. My DD is 11 months old and has never had a bottle over 3.5 oz. while I'm at work. Here's some info on that.

    Baby Girl Born 2/17/10 to her two mommies
    BF from day one. I looked up one day and realized I'm nursing a toddler!

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