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Thread: Too much poop

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    Default Too much poop

    I ebf my 10 day old Ds

    Today he had 12 bm ( about 1 each feeding) and 15 wet diapers

    Is this too much? Definitly an increase from before but he also did more feedings.

    Problem or am I just a worried mom

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    Default Re: Too much poop

    Sounds normal. DS1 especially was a pooping machine when he was a newborn. Sounds like your LO is getting lot's of mommy's milk. That's a good thing. The pooping might slow down soon, although DS1 continued that way for awhile.

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    Default Re: Too much poop

    I agree. He's getting lots of milk which is a wonderful thing. Soon your body will realize you're feeding just one baby, not twins or triplets, and he will start growing like a weed during his growth spurts. The problem will resolve naturally My DD had and still has an impressive amoutn of output I say her digestion is from from Daddy's side
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    Default Re: Too much poop

    how is baby acting? Extra fussy or sleeping alot?

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    Default Re: Too much poop

    Nursing can stimulate bowel movements. It's not unusual for a newborn to poop during or after every feeding. Are they large or just little squirts?

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    Default Re: Too much poop

    That's exactly how my DD was at that age.

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    Default Re: Too much poop

    my LO was the same way. the info they gave me in the hospital said to expect 1 poopy diaper in the first 24h...she had 9
    slowed down after the first week.
    now at 3 weeks she generally has 2 per day.
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