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    I am pregnant! Yeah for me and my husband! My sister was a teen mom and she breast fed her son; he is now three and very intelligent and healthy--I say the "formula" did that. Okay so here is my question: Can certain foods make more milk? I know when my sister came home from the hospital, she had some recipes; blueberry monkey bread was one of those. I made the treat for her and I swear, she did seem to produce more! I'll be breast feeding my little person and I'd like to know if the monkey bread will make more milk?


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    Many moms feel that there are certain foods that have an impact on milk supply. Dark beer and oatmeal are often said to be good for supply, and the herb fenugreek, which is often an ingredient in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, is also said to be helpful. The herbs peppermint and sage are said to have an opposite effect.

    In general, there's no food that a breastfeeding mom needs to consume or avoid in order to have sufficient milk for her baby. But she should always stay attuned to her body.

    While you're here, check out the Pregnancy and Birth forum down the page! Tons of great information there.

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    Congrats on your pregnancy! Not sure about food to eat, however you should totally stick around and learn everything you can about breastfeeding before your give birth. Knowledge is power and being prepared and educated increases your chances of success.
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    You'll thank yourself over and over if you read "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" while you are pregant and well before you deliver your precious sweatheart.
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