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Thread: hardly getting anything when i pump

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    Default hardly getting anything when i pump

    My LO is 7 wks old and I am trying to start pumping so that I have reserve if I am away for a few hours. I had pumped about 3 times before this week and the most I got was 2 oz. So far since Monday, pumping 3 x a day I am only getting between 1/2-1 oz each time. I started taking fenugreek (4 pills 3x day) on Sunday. I nurse on demand, which is usually every 2 hours during the day with one 4 hour stretch at night after 3 hours of cluster feeding. I have a Playtex double electric pump that I have had some issues with, like tearing up my boobs. There is only 1 size flange, but now I put olive oil on it and it doesn't pull and tear anymore. (Thanks to a tip from someone on this forum)

    I am not going back to work, but I have a training this weekend where I will be going for 2 1/2- 3 hour stretches w/out my LO. My husband has agreed to come hang out there so that I can nurse during breaks and lunch.I want to have some EB too, though, just in case he needs some in the meantime. Which leads to another question. What is the best way to take that with us? I have 4 2oz serving bottles in the fridge from this week. There isn't a way to heat it up where we will be.

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    I'd take it in a cooler. To heat it up, as long as there's a bathroom with hot water, you're good. My hubby is a stay at home dad, he heats up all my lo's bottles under the hot water in the kitchen sink. Just have him run it under water and 'squish' it until it's all warm, then put it in the bottle!

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    My hubby does the same. BM should not be microwaved. Are you drinking enough fluids? A few thoughts...it could be your pump not pulling the milk out. Also, sometimes it takes some time for body to adjust to the pump and trigger the letdown reflex. How often are you feeding your baby? At 7 weeks, 2oz may be all baby is eating per feeding, depending on how often you are feeding. Does your baby seem satisfied after nursing? If so, it's not a supply issue, more likely a pump issue.

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    .5-1 oz each time is really good if you are nursing in addition to pumping. Once you're back at work you'll be pumping instead of nursing and you'll get more.
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    I feed my LO about every 2 hours during the day, sometimes more. He likes to cluster feed in the morning and evening and then it is usually every 2 hours in between and about 4 at night. I drink lots of water.

    I think it may be the pump. I am going to try another one next week. It may also be just increasing volume over what my LO needs. I'm beginning to see that this is normal, but it is still frustrating. I do not have a good relationship with my pump! The good thing is, though, my LO is still getting what he needs for now.

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    Hi there! I know exactly what you're going through-with both DDs I went back to work part time and had/have to pump once during my shift. My body seems to not like the pump, so each time I pump, I get roughly 1/2-2/3 the amount my 4 month old drinks per feeding. So, I have to pump twice to get enough for the one feeding she gets while I'm at work.
    Here's what I do (don't know if this will work for you, but it seems to help me get as much as possible.)
    Drink PLENTY of water throughout the day-in 24 hours I drink about 12 to 15 16oz glasses of water. I bring 2 large Kleen Kanteens of water with me to work, out and about and make sure I'm drinking water consistently.

    Try drinking herbal tea like Mother's Milk (I get it either at Whole Foods or in the Organic foods section of the regular grocery store.

    Try to pump in a relaxing setting-the more activity around me, the more stressed I get and then I get much less milk.

    When my milk starts to slow down (while pumping) I massage my breast to stimulate flow-it seems to help.

    If you're pumping at home, try pumping first thing in the morning-I get much more then vs. in the afternoon or evening. Lately I've been feeding DD on one side then pumping the other.

    I hope this is helpful-good luck!
    and lots of cloth diapers!

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