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Thread: Will there ever be a schedule...will I ever get some sleep?!

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    Default Will there ever be a schedule...will I ever get some sleep?!

    I am 2 weeks in to nursing my new DD. I nursed my DS for the first year, and though it was almost four years ago, I don't remember ever getting any sleep for the first year since I was constantly nursing. This time around I figured I would have a new schedule or find a better way of doing things that would give me more rest, but nope, I'm over here doing the exact same things I did with DS.

    I nurse on demand. During the day, she likes to sleep a lot and will nurse every two to three hours...sometimes she'll want both breasts, other times she'll want only one, depending on how tired she is. Sometimes, she'll nurse for 5 minutes and there's nothing I can do to make her want more as she is so sleepy.

    Her "fussy time" doesn't start until sometime between 8-10pm (when I am ready to sleep!) I'll nurse her til she is happy and asleep....that takes a while. Then I try to burp her, lay her down, and then she gets up within 15 minutes frustrated like she is trying to have a bm or she gets the hiccups. Then I end up nursing her again back to sleep, as my other methods don't work. But, then she usually gets really fussy, and I end up picking her to repeat the cycle once more. I'll get her asleep and settled usually by 11pm or 12am, and then she will wake up every two hours on the dot, to nurse, but doesn't seem satisfied easily or quickly. This goes on until about 8:30am or 9:00am and then the rest of the day is usually smooth.

    During the day, I can lay her anywhere with any amount of noise and she usually stays asleep, however, at night it seems that after she wakes up for the first time, the only way to get her asleep again is nuzzled up next to me. I have a cosleeper, but she won't stay in it except for maybe an hour or two tops.

    Am I being unrealistic to want to start trying trying trying to get her on some type of schedule? Am I making a mistake by having her in my room or in the cosleeper? With DS I had no schedule, and hardly any sleep for a long time, I really don't want that to be the case the second time around. Please help!

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    Default Re: Will there ever be a schedule...will I ever get some sleep?!

    Shoot! I wrote a long response and then my baby clicked my mouse and it disappeared, poof!!

    What I was saying was, it's WAY too early to establish any kind of schedule or routine right now. Your baby's tummy is so small, she NEEDS to eat every couple of hours. And it's natural for babies to want to sleep on or next to their mamas. That's a survival thing for them. I say go with whatever gets you the most sleep - I'm a big fan of cosleeping!

    But it won't be like this for a year. Even if your baby does not sleep through the night until later, you'll be getting longer chunks of sleep, and it will be much easier.

    I recommend Elizabeth Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution - she has some advice on good habits you can estabish from birth. And her advice is breastfeeding friendly - whereas anything you read that suggests scheduling feedings is NOT breastfeeding friendly. The cardinal rule of breastfeeding is FEED ON DEMAND. But, with that in mind, most babies do naturally space out feedings after a month or two or three, and it's great to watch your baby's cues for signs that she might be settling into a routine. So it's a fine balance, but for right now, hang in there! And nap!! Nap nap nap nap. I know you have an older child, but if you can get any sleep during the day, it makes a big difference.
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    Default Re: Will there ever be a schedule...will I ever get some sleep?!

    I'm right there with you! DS is 5 weeks and his fussy time also begins around 8pm. He sleeps in a co-sleeper next to our bed, and you are absolutely not making a mistake by having him there! Sounds like everything he is doing is absolutely normal!

    Obviously newborns design their own schedules, but some things we try to do to make it easier...stimulate him more during the day. We try to establish eye contact and talk to him before and after feedings, and he naps wherever, and we try not to swaddle him much during the day unless he is very fussy and needing it. At night around his fussy time, we dim the lights and turn on a white noise machine. We try to make everything as quiet and non-stimulating as possible, and he gets swaddled up for sleep.

    Some nights are better than others, but we have gotten a couple of 4 hour stretches of sleep! He also tends to fall asleep faster after his night time feedings than his day time ones, so day time he is awake for over an hour before napping, night time it is usually only up to an hour, usually less, before going back to sleep.

    Good luck!!

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    Default Re: Will there ever be a schedule...will I ever get some sleep?!

    i definitely cosleep and have learned how to nap while she nurses at night. and nap if you can during the day.
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