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Thread: Antibiotics + Breast Milk

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    Exclamation Antibiotics + Breast Milk

    I am wondering if Azithromycin will pass through the breast milk? I am kind of hoping it will because my 17-m-o is really way too good at spitting out medicine. He and I are both on Azithromycin, and I'm hoping if some passes through my milk, it will be enough to make up for what he is spitting out. He's been sick WAY too long to have something else fail! Any suggestions about getting babies to swallow medicine? I usually catch as much of it as I can in my hand and pour it back in his mouth. I think he's only getting about a half a dose each time though with how much is on his chin, clothes and my hand and my clothes!
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    Tilt him back in your arms and aim for the inside of the cheek, It make take a few times to get it all in there. It's always hard to get my dd to take medicine in a dropper too. I wonder if a spoon would make it easier but I never have tried anything other than the dropper.
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    Even if a small trace amount passed through your milk it will not be enough to treat him. My suggestion on the meds is to get the smallest dropper. Typically the pharmacy gives 3 or 5ml droppers. Ask for a tiny one-a 1ml or 1 1/2 ml. Place dropper toward back but inside cheek. It should work. It will take a few droppers depending on the dosage but works great. Might need helper to hold head slanted back and if really resistent to pry mouth open.

    If all fails they do adminster antibiotic shots to infants and toddlers who cannot keep meds down for one reason or another. I'd ask if he really isn;t getting the full amount.

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    My LO hates to take liquid meds. I will put it in the dropper and give it to her while she is nursing. She will not stop nursing and it gets all the meds in her without all the troubles!!
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    Just gave some medicine to my LO. She is awful to give meds to. The best trick we've come up with is to aim for the back inside of her cheek. We also wait until she is at the end of a scream (because she screams the whole time) so she'll swallow instead of spitting it at our faces. I always feel a bit like I've tortured her, but it gets the job done. And If it gets really bad, I gently blow in her face to get her to swallow.

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