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Thread: Weaned a year ago but still wants Ba-bas!

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    Default Weaned a year ago but still wants Ba-bas!

    I had hoped to do child-led weaning with my son, but when it was clear to me he would happily nurse well into school-age, I gently weaned him at 3-1/2. It was a decision I did not make lightly and it was with both sadness and joy that we made our way into our next chapter of our mother-son relationship.

    It has been nearly a year since his last nursing session and he still pines for the "ba-ba's" He tell me he misses being a baby because when he was a baby he had nursies. He wants to hold my breast for comfort and snuggle them when he is tired or upset or sick.

    I love that he has found so much joy and comfort in our nursing relationship, but I also want to help him find his way in the world without mother's breast. That he can find comfort in snuggles with mommy, or daddy, or even begin to learn to find ways to comfort himself.

    Does anyone have any advice?

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    Default Re: Weaned a year ago but still wants Ba-bas!

    3 and a half is still very young, Mama. It's normal for a child to love mom's breasts, even if they were weaned earlier than yours was. I have a friend whose DS was weaned at age 1. One day, when he was around 3 years old, she was showering with him and he looked up at her and said "Mom, you have beautiful nipples. Can I kiss them?"

    It's just the innocence of youth. Treasure it while it lasts.

    When I was expecting baby #2, my 3.5 year-old DD went through a phase of wanting to be a baby. I found that humor was a great way to defuse the situation. She'd say something like "I'm a baby, wah wah," and I'd pick her up and cradle her and say "Yes, you're my little baby. Do you want a nap? Do you want your diaper changed?" And then I'd pretend to check her pants, and say "Ooooh, you have a stinky diaper!" Before long she'd be giggling and would have forgotten all about "being a baby." In the end, what she was really seeking was my attention.

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