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    My daughter is just about 11 months old and she is still breastfeeding. We have introduced her to food and are slowly moving her over to table food. My question is about drinks. She nurse 3 times a day, has 2-4oz bottles at daycare, and has about 4oz of watered down juice.

    I am trying to reduce the amount of pumping I do at work and because of a medical problem so I am just trying to figure out how much to send for her to drink at daycare.

    Should we introduce water or whole milk for her? I am open to suggestions and am curious about what other people did. I know if I cut back the milk at daycare she might nurse more at home and I am ok with that.

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    at about a year, nursing 3-4 times a day is considered enough. They don't technically need anything other than that for liquids. I think whole milk or water is up to you. I would probably lean more towards water myself, as milk is hard to digest for little ones. If you nurse three times a day, would you still pump one bottle for her? Because if she's getting a 4 ounce bottle plus nursing 3 times, and eating lots of solids, I would go water It's all about personal preference though. The breastmilk is the most important and the secondary liquids are just supplementary

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