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Thread: Mother's Intuition

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    Default Mother's Intuition

    What an important lesson I had reiterated to me today. To trust that little voice and feeling that you will get as a mother in regards to your children.

    Baby #4, so obviously, I have a lot of BFing experience by now. I have been nursing for 6 years. I have helped a lot of different mamas with a lot of different situations. So I know what I'm talking about in regards to nursing.

    Anyhow, when baby #4 was born, we knew there would be a cleft lip at least from ultrasound. It didn't look like there would be any palate involvement, but the only way to be 100% sure was to check after birth.

    When Gavin was born, the midwives and I all checked The two of them felt in there, and I let him suck my finger. All seemed OK. But....I couldn't get him to latch well most of the time. It just didn't feel right even when he did latch on. There was also this odd clicking noise, and not like the click of a tongue tied baby; it was different.

    Then there was one episode when he was about 12 hours old where he seemed to regurgitate, but it came out his nose, and he was really coughing and choking more than I would expect. I was puzzled by that. And I started to get a weird feeling.

    Since I have my babies out of the hospital, I am required to have a follow-up visit with the ped when the babies are 24-48 hours old. The midwife strongly recommended it sooner rather than later because of the potential for these issues, and we got an appointment with our ped for today. I mentioned that I didn't have a good feeling about how nursing was going and that he couldn't always get a really good latch. She said, OK, we'll take a really good look. The room was well lit, and she got out a focused light, and we took a good look....particularly when he screamed about us looking pretty far in there

    And there is a wide but very posterior cleft palate too. Which totally explains why I was noticing the things I was noticing. Explains why I didn't feel good about the way nursing was going. Because he can't create enough suction to really nurse well. He was getting enough to stay hydrated but not getting enough to really thrive.

    Follow your mother's intuition. If something doesn't seem right, it's not. Better to be safe than sorry later.
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    Default Re: Mother's Intuition

    Susan, I'm sorry it turned out to be more of a cleft than you thought, but that is amazing you were able to figure it out so fast. Are you going to be able to continue nursing?
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    Default Re: Mother's Intuition

    Susan... I don't know that there are any words, mama.

    So what's the next step? Are you going to start pumping? When do you see the cleft team?
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    Default Re: Mother's Intuition

    Such an important lesson Susan. Particularly for those of us who've BTDT with multiple LOs. Good to remember to listen to that little voice.

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    Default Re: Mother's Intuition

    Susan he is so lucky to have you as his mama.
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    Default Re: Mother's Intuition

    Oh, no! I know you were worried about this!

    You do have ninja intuition, though.

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    Default Re: Mother's Intuition

    Sorry about the result Susan but I'm so glad you followed your instinct
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    Default Re: Mother's Intuition

    definitely true....and good luck with the cleft team. he'll be just fine with you watching out for him
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    Default Re: Mother's Intuition

    Aw, dang. I so wish your mother's intuition had been wrong this time... But I'm so happy you caught this!!! Whats the next step, Mama? Supplemental nursing system and pumping?

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    Default Re: Mother's Intuition

    I completely believe in intuition. I'm so sorry, but I hope you know that medical science knows so much now. Trust in the doctors - with many opinions of course - and know that it can be helped. Work on getting milk into him, getting him strong and try not to dwell too much on what's to come. I know (all too well with D's surgery looming ahead) easier said than done. But you have a blessing. Enjoy him.
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