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Thread: Pumping while at Trade Show

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    I have a day-long trade show to attend and am not sure how to pump away from home....It is at the San Diego Convention Center. There is parking below the convention center, so assuming I get a spot there I guess I could go to my car the 3 times I need to pump. (My only other option would be to haul everything around all day and pump in the bathroom but that seems unwieldy!)

    My two questions are:

    1) How do I clean my pump parts between sessions? I thought rinsing them right after pumping was important so as to not get a film/buildup on the parts. I have 2 sets of everything but not 3 to get me through the day...
    2) I know I can store the expressed milk in a cooler w/ ice packs. How long is this expressed milk good for? I would assume it isn't good for as long as it would be in a refrigerator (i.e. 5-7 days) but longer than if left at room temperature (10 hrs). Will I need to use the milk that night? The next day? Or will it be good for a few days once I put it in the fridge at home?

    My plan is to pump mid-morning, just after the trade show's formal lunch, then just before driving home (~2 hr drive).

    By the way I have the Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump.
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    Default Re: Pumping while at Trade Show

    Convention Center I bet they have someplace nice and private to pump if you just ask.
    maybe even a fridge you can put your parts in so that you don't have to worry with washing them.

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    Default Re: Pumping while at Trade Show

    Medela makes pump wipes that I feel are too expensive for everyday use, but perfect for situations like the one you describe.

    Your milk will be fine in the cooler; no need for special treatment. You could always freeze it right away if concerned. I would recommend you let it cool a bit if possible (at room temp) before putting it in your cooler; it'll help your ice packs "last" longer.

    Totally ask someone at the convention center; I bet someone has an office they will let you use.
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    Default Re: Pumping while at Trade Show

    I second the medela wipes. If you end up pumping in the car (btdt) you could put your parts in a big ziploc bag and put them in a big cooler with ice packs. It would work for the day. I actually don't mind pumping in my car - so long as it's not 115 in Phoenix. But I digress...(that was not fun!)

    I feel more relaxed in my car vs. a strange office. I put sunshades up so nobody can see.

    It's sort of relaxing with my phone and radio

    No need to worry about the milk. It's fine in your cooler for the day.

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