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Thread: Milk Stored in Upright Freezer Door...

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    Help! I've been storing extra pumped milk in our upright freezer (I believe it's set to 4 degrees F) for almost 3 months. I just did a little research on how long frozen milk can last in an upright freezer, and found that I may have a little bit of a problem... I've been storing it in the door shelves, and the freezer is an auto-defrost one (which I didn't realize until researching the milk question). I'll be moving the stored milk to a middle shelf today, away from the walls, but I'm not sure whether that will help extend the storage time of what's already in there to 6 months, or if I need to start using it up now (I'd rather hold off and keep giving my LO fresh milk for now, if I can).

    Has anyone experienced this? Were you able to extend the storage time, or did you find your milk started going bad sooner than you expected because of being in the door?


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    Do you open the doors often? You could thaw an older dated one and smell and taste it, if it's fine I wouldn't worry about the remainder.
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    We open the doors maybe a couple times a week... I know the milk that's in there now is still good (thawed one recently to use, just to see how LO reacted to the frozen milk). I'm more worried about how much longer it will last (if I'd been storing in the middle of the freezer the whole time, I'd plan on it lasting at least 6 months... just not sure if it'll still last that long after I move it off of the door or if I should plan on using it sooner)

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